when you in China, do as the Chinese do!
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    在不同的地方有不同的风俗习惯,饮食文化很重要。中国的饮食文化不同于西方。请你谈谈中国的三餐,以“when you in China, do as the Chinese do!” 为题写一篇短文。



  When in China, do as the Chinese do

  Meals in China are different in some ways from meals in the West.

  In China, lunch is usually served around 12 o’clock.As for dinner, Chinese people eat it much earlier than people in the West.Chopsticks are used to eat most food.Generally, for dinner, there’ll be lots of different dishes, not just three courses.Besides, Chinese people like to talk about food, so it’s a good topic during a meal.

  The golden rule is: when you’re in China, watch the Chinese and do as they do!

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